You begin with adding CATEGORY

You can add any amount of categories

Now you dertermine:

  • The category name
  • The assigned color

See how-to videos – click HERE

Then you add COURSE

In every category you can add any amount of courses.

Now you determine:

  • the course name
  • the course description
  • „what will you learn” information

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And finally you add individual EDUCATIONAL MODULES

In every course you can add any amount of educational modules.

An educational module can be:

  • a video material
  • an audio material
  • a PDF file

See how-to videos — click HERE

Adding USERS is even easier

You choose the user’s role, fill in their e-mail and the invitation will be sent automatically.

Of course, every user will receive access to materials that apply only to them.

How do you do it in the most intuitive way?


We invite you to contact us and we will explain everything during the online presentation or we will come to you for the meeting.

See how-to videos — click HERE

From now on, your organization will have a very modern educational platform.

Of course, our team will support the implementation process at every step.
What’s more? See below!

Full freedom ”under control”

Build knowledge important to your organization.

You can add any amount of courses, categories and educational modules to the platform.

See how-to videos — click HERE


Personalize the educational platform:

Enter company name

Add company logo . It will be visible on the login screen and on the main page of the Company or Institution educational platform.

Add Favicon. It will be visible in tabs on the browser. Thanks to this your platform will be easily recognizable by users.

Individual statistics

Monitor the learning progress of each user

Compiled statistics

Thanks to the progress reports you will check the level of education in the entire company

Download the Coursairs mobile app FOR FREE!

There are many, many more possibilities with Coursairs…

Invite us and our adviser will come to your company, institution or university. We will present the possibilities of remote and mobile education.

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