Coursairs e-learning platform for university

We have prepared a special program for universities, where we provide much more than the standard.

Polish Coursairs educational platform for universities – recommends American Richard Zielinski 

The ambassador of the Coursairs brand is the internationally renowned conductor of orchestras and choral groups – Richard Zielinski.

American of Polish descent, lecturer, Professor, Director of Choir Activities, Head of Choir Studies – University of Oklahoma.

For 7 years, Artistic Director of the International Festival of Classical Music in the city of Józef Haydn – Eisenstädt in Austria.

Richard Zielinski conducts choral groups on several continents. He enriches his education with e-learning materials on the Coursairs platform.

The task of the Coursairs platform is to provide an e-learning tool for each university.

Subjects, departments, classes,

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exams – all in one place.

The educational material is updated in real time.

E-learning platform for students

We provide and e-learning platform for any number of students.

Any amount of material any number of users. Each user will have access only to the material to which they should have access.

The platform includes free mobile applications for iOS and Android.

We will adapt the platform to the teaching methodology

We adapt the Coursairs platform to the individual methodological expectations of the university.

What does it mean? 

We will perform implement functionalities to the platform so that the platform will teach in accordance with the expected teaching methodology.

It may be design thinking, maybe it will be gamification, maybe another solution that your university would like to introduce.

We will provide a film studio for the production of video materials

For each university using the Coursairs platform we will provide the access a film studio for creating educational materials.

We will train a university team how to make films and our specialists will take care of editing and video processing.

We will conduct trainings after which it will be a pleasure to perform in front of the camera.

Each student can use educational materials, also thanks to the mobile application. Download the Coursairs mobile application FOR FREE.

Consider using an educational platform without incurring additional implementation costs.

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