A dedicated educational platform for any company for which education and management of knowledge in teams is important

Would you like to implement an educational platform for teams?

Do you have a platform for team education?

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    According to the experience of training companies, only 20% of people come to trainings in order to actually acquire knowledge. The remaining 80% come to have fun. However, after the training, the forgetting process begins.

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    What cost did the company incur to prepare a tool that must be serviced all the time? The educational platform simply has to work and it is best that the company does not incur additional costs for maintaining the platform. And the implementation of the Coursairs platform takes from 15 minutes to 2 hours and it simply works.

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    How much time today do company employees engage in the administration of educational tools for employees? Would not it be better to insert educational materials once and grant access to the materials with a few clicks? Why spend time on maintenance? No need to care about it — it just works.

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    Do users have acces to educational materials dedicated only to them? Is your solution flexible enough? At Coursairs, it gives you complete freedom in management. A few clicks and you have control over everything.

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    Do employees on your solution have access to the mobile application for Android and iOS or maybe to the responsive website – and this is a big difference in Coursairs there are free mobile applications for Android and iOS – made only to make education pleasant – and thus effective. Could you want something more?

Each user will be able to learn thanks to the mobile application. Download the Coursairs mobile application FOR FREE.

Grant access only to user-related content

  • After logging in, each user will see only the materials they should see.
  • Download the mobile application and start the most pleasant form of learning – When and wherever it wants. Maybe he’ll turn the car into an „academy on wheels”.
  • You will see what progress individual employees will have and the results of their exams.
  • Thanks to this you will choose the right pace of learning. You will check if the educational materials are understandable and you will be able to support the learning of those who really want to learn.

Consider using an educational platform without incurring additional implementation costs. How to do it?

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