We are passionate about education

My name is Maciej Czerniawski. Together with a unique team, we are the creators of the Coursairs Educational Platform.

We believe that educational technological solutions contribute to
increase our customers’ competitive advantage.

Any organization with teams will benefit greatly from education. Until recently, there were no proper tools to educate teams. The ability to verify the knowledge of team members was virtually impossible. And as we know – the level of knowledge in the team reflects the level of knowledge in the organization.

We provide a tool in the form of the Coursairs academy for every company, institution or university – online software that allows convenient remote and mobile education: employees, business partners or students.

The reality that surrounds us entails the need to constantly broaden our horizons or remove barriers to access to knowledge. We do it by inviting you to the cooperation.

I invite you to contact our company to launch an educational platform for your organization.

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For Coursairs – Innovator of the Year. Economic Award – Business Navigator MOF GW

Our company received a distinction on 21.09.2018 – the economic award of the Business Navigator in a competition organized by MOF Gorzów Wielkopolski.

Distinction for a unique innovative educational tool which is the Coursairs Educational Platform.