Mobile Team Education Platform.

You can educate teams of employees, trainees or students and verify the level of knowledge or progress in learning – of each

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user or entire teams.

Our platform is called Coursairs.

We present the only solution on the market that combines:

Friendly technology

Teaching methods proven in Team E-learning

Thanks to Coursairs – we are able to open the e-learning platform for any company, institution or university in just a few minutes!

The only educational platform for organizations available in Poland with mobile applications for iOS and Android

Learning — Possible even without access to the internet
Learning — „After hours”?
Learning while driving a car — turn your car into „an academy on wheels”

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— Easy in every free moment

With Coursairs it’s possible!

The systematization of information in the form of compact courses and clarity about the principles of education makes teams more willing to study.

Each organization can start educating employees day-to-day.

We enable our clients to use the intuitive creator of educational courses and a friendly Result Monitoring System.

Why Coursairs?

Research shows that modern Team Education is inextricably linked to the availability of educational tools that combine the possibilities of:

  • education and control over the progress of learning and outcomes,

  • online educational content availability,

  • availability of educational content on mobile devices.

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The ambassador of Coursairs

Richard Zielinski

American, world-class conductor of orchestras and choirs.

Doctor of Music Arts, lecturer at the University of Oklahoma in the United States.

Director of the International Festival of Classical Music in the city of Joseph Haydn – Eisenstadt in Austria.

He runs the choir group – “Richard Zielinski Singers” – laureate of the International Festival of Choral Song in Międzyzdroje 2018.

Richard Zielinski educates choral groups and music organizations. For this purpose, the Coursairs platform is used to systematize the educational process.

Divide access to educational materials at your Coursairs Academy.

Share any amount of educational materials with each user or team.

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class=”text-large” style=”text-align: center;”>Each user will receive only such materials to which they should have access.

Manage access to educational materials more easily by building groups.

For easier organization of teams, grant access to materials in the form of group building. Each participant will have access to dedicated materials assigned to those groups to which they has received access.

Educate employees and business partners on your own e-learning platform

Check the level of knowledge in your organization – thanks to intuitive exams

Educate international teams

It is possible in Coursairs – thanks to many language versions

Automate the training of new employees

Introduce educational „gamification”

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